For its satiating effect, diuretic and helps regulate ones intestinal track, the pineapple can be a very beneficial fruit during weight loosing diets. The consumption of the tropical tree helps dermatitis cases.

It helps to prevent the formation of blood clots (it contains antithrombotic activity). The natural pineapple has anti-inflammatory effects.

The bromelain inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells and has an anti-cancerous cells. In concrete, the pineapple can inhibit the formation of nitrosamines, the number one cause of stomach cancer.  The tropical fruit helps heavy and light digestions from foods because of the stimulation of the gastric secretions.

The pineapple helps to improve the well-being of arthritis symptoms and rheumatoid. It helps digestive disorders like diarrhea, swelling or colic in the kidneys.

The pineapple is beneficial to prevent iron deficiency anemia.  It can contribute to boost out gastrointestinal parasites