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Pecos Fresh Fruit S.APassion for the pineapple

Is a family business, born on the year 2010, with great enthusiasm, and the strong desire to succeed, same goes for our family and the rest of the team who collaborates to obtain the highest quality in our products that meets the norms and standards for our clients to be satisfied with our products.

We also venture in the national and international market with our fruit, and give benefits to a group of producers who supply us with their products that way we help them obtain an opportunity to grow with their plantations and offer more job opportunities to many different people as same goes to Pecos as every day it grows even more and benefits many family in generating more job opportunities…

Pecos is a producer, marketer and an exporter of fruits and root crops; we are certified with Global Gap, we have our own plant.

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    Export quality

    We count with certifications that guaranty the quality of our products.

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    Product is always fresh

    Our products count on standard features that guaranty a fresh product and quality, to satisfy our client’s needs.

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    Benefits and nutrition

    The pineapple other than its delicious flavor, is a very nutritious fruit, and has an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Featured Products

Our pineapple product, we also market and export root crops, vegetables and banana.

Why choose us?

We have direct contact with our clients, we take care of our products to achieve all our final client’s needs and expectations depending on the market sales.

Product quality

Our products count on high quality standards, which our workers carefully select.

Excellent logistics service

Pecos Fresh Fruit S.A is enrolled in Procomer; the Mag, Cadexco and other government entities to be a marketer, exporter and producer.

Committed to the environment

Package and ecological products promote a Green living environment and help conserve energy and also prevent contamination.

Latest Blog

Information related to the properties, benefits and nutrition of pineapple